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Commercial Safety Guard Railing

Metal safety rails provide heavy-duty impact resistance and maximum protection against vehicle collisions. Industrial guardrail systems rely upon two or more guardrails working together to multiply protective power. They protect both personnel and equipment by creating a clearly visible, virtually impenetrable barrier against heavy vehicle impact. Metal guardrails are built to withstand not only forklift and material handling equipment impact, but automobile and truck impact as well.

Some companies are nationwide suppliers of all types of guard and safety railing systems and will coordinate all drop shipping and installation required for successful implementation. Some safety rails are also available in custom dimensions as well.

Galvanized Guard Rail

Galvanized stall rails offer maximum durability and protection with some of the hardest metal known to man. These economical safety rail systems can be utilized indoors or outdoors. You can have the system built anywhere from one, two, or three rails high. Tubular posts hold the rails in place and are machined for continuous or perpendicular rail mounting. Easy Rack also provides US D.O.T. guardrail mounting and I-beam posts available upon request and also provides all necessary post mounting hardware included. A floor mounting kit is sold separately, or you can coordinate installation through an Easy Rack specialist.


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