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7 Benefits of Installing LED Tube Lights Now

We’ve all become more concerned with ways of helping to keep the costs of living down. Certainly when it comes to our homes we are regularly looking for ways to reduce our energy bills. Installation of LED tube lights has become very popular as it has been proven that it helps to save energy.

However there are plenty of other reasons why installing such lighting in either your home or business should be considered. Want to know why you should consider investing in replacing your current lights with LED tube lights then read on.

Benefit 1 – Have A Longer Operating Life

We are all interested to be able to use light sources that aren’t only reliable but will also last a long time. Having to replace lights frequently isn’t only expensive from the maintenance angle but if the lamps fail then they can lead a business being faced with health and safety issues.

Yes saving money on maintaining lights is one reason why use of these types of LED lights has become popular. Currently the technology used in creating such lighting means that they are able to operate more than 100 times longer than incandescent lights are able to and also 20 times longer than fluorescent lights.

Benefit 2 – Less Heat Radiated

Over the past 3 years the technology used in LED lights has meant that they have the ability to convert more of the energy the produce into light rather than heat. Whereas when it comes to conventional lighting most of the power they generate turns into IR (infrared radiation), which provides yet another source of radiated heat. As most homes and offices today are now fitted with air conditioning because far less radiated heat is being produced this then means that loads placed on an air conditioning system are reduced. In an office for example replacing their current lighting with LED could result in an energy saving of up to 20%.

Benefit 3 – Very Little Light Lost

As LED’s offer a directional light source they can be placed where they are needed the most. But as for conventional light sources these generally have a more uniformed emission that goes in all directions. This results in lower light efficiency because of the light that is being lost. For example if you have fluorescent lights in your home or office around 40 to 60% of the light emitted by them is actually lost within the fixture and its diffuser.

However, when it comes to LED tube lights these are able to illuminate spaces more effectively even though they emit less light because the light source is more controlled and directional. In fact far fewer photons become trapped within such light fittings.

Benefit 4 – Can Be Controlled Better

As these types of fixtures come with the ability to dim, they just need a separate dimming circuit in order to control them, it means you are able to reduce how many hours the system operates for. In turn of course this leads to more savings on your energy bills. However you will need to invest in dimming systems specifically designed for use with this form of lighting, but the initial investment is worth it when you take into account the savings you are gong to be making over the coming months and years.

Benefit 5 – Provide Better Safety

Generally you’ll find that most LED lights are now fitted with power surge protection circuits as standard, which means that they are less likely to fail, so less downtime will occur. Also another feature especially one that businesses should be looking at from a safety aspect is purchasing the kind that comes with a separate emergency battery, that provides a back up power supply when needed. Such features ensure that a business will then be provided with a further 90 minutes of continuous light should a power outage occur.

As these lights aren’t made using toxic waste elements or lead based solder it means should they break the risk of harming being caused to others is reduced. Also as they don’t produce as much glare the strain placed on your eyes is reduced.

Benefit 6 – Contain No Mercury

Unlike conventional lights when it comes to LED tube lights these contain no mercury, therefore they don’t need to be handled in any special when you need to get rid of them. In fact these types of lights eliminate the need for recycling.

Benefit 7 – Good For Our Bodies

We all need light as it can have a very serious impact on the way we feel and the way we sleep. Studies carried out clearly show that poor quality lighting really does have a very detrimental effect on the natural circadian rhythms of our bodies. In businesses installation of LED tube lights could help to improve their employees output.

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For more information on Ai LED tube lights, pls visit LED tube lights.

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