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What You Need to Start Your Own Cleaning Service Business

Starting your own cleaning service can give you the financial freedom you have always wanted. It is a business where being industrious, diligent and patient can be financially rewarded greatly. The basic services that you will provide include keeping commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, and residential homes as clean as possible. Cleaning services are also referred to as housekeeping services or janitorial services. Depending on the extent you want your cleaning services to reach, you can include carpet cleaning, window cleaning, garden maintenance, landscaping, lighting maintenance, or even pest control services as well.

You can put up your own cleaning service for as low as $5000 in initial cost, with a break-even period for as short as 1 to 3 months. With a staff of ten full time personnel, some cleaning service providers have reported annual earnings of $500,000. Your start up costs will include getting the necessary equipment and supplies you need before you accept your first cleaning job. This includes cleaning equipment and supplies, a telephone, a vehicle to transport your workers, and marketing materials to promote your cleaning service business. You will be the one to do the scheduling, ordering of supplies, payroll, and billing of customers. You will also have to handle customer inquiries, answering the telephone and other tasks related to the business while the workers you hired do the actual cleaning job.

As the cleaning service business owner, you should make sure that the quality standards set by the industry are met. This will ensure that you are on your way to establishing a good reputation in the community, and will contribute a lot to your success in the business. The employees you hire have to be trained well so they will do the job as expected by your customers. It is a good idea to look into the services offered by your competitors and offer what they don’t. You can tailor your services based on that and what customers look for.

Your cleaning service can concentrate on one of two options, namely: residential or commercial cleaning. Specializing in one will help give your business a focus so you can develop your line of services that the customer needs and are ready to pay for. If you can offer specialized services using specialized equipment, you can charge top dollar and earn more than your competitors in the same business.

It is important however that you know the prices that other cleaning services charge in your community. Without this information, it will be hard for you to determine what to actually charge your customers. Select at least three companies from the phonebook and inquire about the cost of their services. You don’t have to tell them what your purpose is for calling them because you wouldn’t want them to know you’re their competitor. They have been in the business longer than you and already enjoy a good reputation. You may have to face stiff competition so it will be wise for you to charge less than the lowest price others charge.

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