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Practical Uses of EFT in a Business Setting

Much has been said about Emotional Freedom Techniques and its ability to attract success in business and boost a person’s net worth. But how does one apply it in a practicable business setting? Following is a step-by-step guide on how to use EFT to help you move forward in the business world.

According to Gary Craig, creator of the Emotional Freedom Technique, getting started on the program is much like learning how to bake a cake. One has to follow a basic recipe and make sure that all the ingredients are mixed in the right manner and that the baker mixes the ingredients in the correct order.

The first step in baking the EFT cake is called the Setup. It is simply the act of preparing your energy system for the process that lies ahead. And exactly how does one do that? You have to recite an affirmation three times while rubbing your body’s “Sore Spot” or tapping the so-called “Karate Chop” pressure point.

Your affirmation can be something like, “I completely accept myself even if (state negative situation)”. The Sore Spot is located at the upper left and right portions of your chest. The Karate Chop Point, on the other hand, is between the top of your wrist and the base of your little finger.

Next step in the “baking” process is called the Sequence, which involves tapping on the body’s major pressure points. You may consult reflexology manuals or the EFT manual itself to get information as to where the pressure points are located.

The third step is the Nine Gamut Procedure, which is said to be the weirdest of all steps in the EFT. It involves tapping the area between the base of the ring finger and the little finger, while performing nine different actions. This is where you are required to do some eye exercises and hum parts of a song. Be properly warned that this step is where several beginners report feeling a bit nauseous, perhaps due to the eye-rolling activity.

After doing the procedure described above, it is time to repeat the Sequence. Repeating this step after performing the gamut has been found to improve the effectiveness of the entire EFT program. Finally, one need to come up with a “Reminder Phrase”, which needs to be said out loud repeatedly while performing the four basic steps that have been previously outlined.

To ensure effectiveness and maintain focus, it is usually best to choose a phrase that directly addresses the area you wish to improve. For example, if you think that you lack the self-confidence to start your own business, the best reminder phrase for you would perhaps be “lack of self-confidence”.

Once you have mastered these basic steps, you will be able to make use of it to unwind after a hard day’s work at the office or to loosen up before an important presentation. As you become more and more attuned to how EFT works, you will find it easier to put things into perspective especially when making crucial business decisions. From this point onwards, you will become not only a more astute businessman, but a better person in general.

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