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Artwork Glass Paperweights

I have a store that sells art glass. My favorite artwork glass is paperweights. I have a number of fun attending artwork auctions and buying artwork glass. I strive to concentrate to what my mates and purchasers like and dislike.…

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Glass Vessel Sinks

Are you working on a bathroom remodel? Then you may want to consider a glass vessel sink! These glass sinks are the hot item for today's modern new home or bathroom remodel. They are called "vessel sinks" because the bowl…

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Garden Watering System

Do you remember when the garden watering system was you? You filled the sprinkler can and walked down the rows of plants, watering every little seedling and knowing you were going to have to repeat this process tomorrow? If you're…

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Fold Up Beds

You know how when you went to your Aunt Mary's house, she had a fold up bed in her spare room? A bed that had a chenille bedspread on it, and smelled like mothballs? Fold up beds have come a…

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Double Sink Vanities

Do you and your husband fight over the bathroom sink? Most households today include two incomes, which means that you and your spouse need to get ready and out the door to work by a specific time. If you're like…

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