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5 Reasons Presenters MUST Arrive Early

I have a saying that I’ve repeated to many people in recent years. It goes like this: “If you’re not early you’re late.” This principle has served me well for business meetings, airline flights and all-manner of business-related engagements. And…

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How the War of Words is Won?

Word combat is everywhere – especially in politics and business. Put the right words and phrases together and you control the story, or even win the election or turn your newest product into the next sensation. There is much at…

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Adding an ‘E’ to the ABCs of Writing

Much is made of the ABCs of writing – accuracy, brevity, clarity – but there is a fourth more, advanced component to good writing. That’s "euphony," a word many people do not know. It’s time to change that. Euphony means…

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Why we Speak and Write in Clich

How many people in your workplace use distinctive words when speaking or writing? Here’s a wild guess: damn few, if any. That I’m sure is the case even if you earn your keep in an exceptional workplace. That’s because we…

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