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Employers Beware of Identity Theft Employees

The crime of identity theft by employees is reaching record numbers, maybe because of a heightened awareness of the crime, or progress made by many states in detecting this crime as well as enforcing stricter penalties. Consumers are not the…

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Shield Your Information While Shopping On-Line

Identity theft is a growing problem and as it continues to spread throughout the internet, investigators and software developers are gaining a better understanding of the practice of identity theft; how it works, how thieves conduct their practice, and how…

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Is Intelius Your Source Of Information?

Intelius is a data gathering information service available for individuals and businesses. Individuals may search for information on themselves or anyone else based on personal information such as name, address and telephone number or even the email address. Social security…

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What Do You Have Guarding Your Identity?

In America, one of the fastest growing crimes is identity theft. This crime includes credit card, medical, tax and criminal fraud. It has risen from approximately 100,000 instances of reported identity theft in 2000 to 10 million in 2006. Many…

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