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10 Ways to Improve Your Band’s Image

January 16, 2009 | Posted in Marketing

In theory a band should be judged entirely on their musical ability. The reality, though, is that musicians are often judged on their overall image. A young band is put in the unfortunate position of trying to perfect their sound, and at the same time, appeal to their community. Here are some ways that you …

10 Questions To Ask A Potential Band Member

October 12, 2008 | Posted in Entertainment

It’s like a job interview, but so much more. A band member isn’t just doing a job—they are joining your creative family. You want to be sure of their technical ability, and you also want to be sure they will blend with the rest of the band. Success for your group depends on a synergistic …

10 Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Band

October 12, 2008 | Posted in Advice

Quitting your band is one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever make. You’ve devoted time, money, and your heart and soul in to this group. Every band sees some trouble from time to time, and you don’t want to be a weenie and quit just because someone used your guitar pick to clean their teeth. …