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Letting Your Skin Age Gracefully

Learn to Age Gracefully

The face is the first victim of aging, and that is why we make a beeline to the nearest store to get the latest anti-aging product. The aim is to halt the process. Aging, however, cannot be halted; it can only be delayed.

Now, there are plenty of natural strategies that can help you age gracefully, without actually looking old, or feeling old:

-Nutritious food is very important for good health. And the more raw foodstuffs that you consume, the better for you, as they contain vital anti-oxidants. Junk food results in damage to cells; the body has to stretch itself to the limit to stay healthy then.

-The skin should not be allowed to go dry; replenish it by drinking plenty of water.

-Exercise is a key ingredient for good health. It not only makes the DNA in your cells younger, but also keeps illness at bay.

-The faster your metabolic rate, the leaner your muscle mass. This means that a lean body with a healthy metabolism will delay aging.

-Eating and drinking should be done in moderation. Excess of anything is bad. Overexposure to heat or cold is also bad.

-It is imperative to breathe properly. You are supposed to breathe in and out 20,000 times a day, that is, take 12 to 14 breaths per minute. Breathing allows blood to receive more oxygen and get rid of toxic carbon-di-oxide. Thus, energy levels are increased, and so is endurance.

-Deep breathing can aid in managing and controlling of pain. It can get rid of unpleasant emotions, and also enhance concentration.

-Sleep deprivation can lead to chronic illnesses. Stress can destroy the immune system. Physical and mental well being increases longevity. Relaxation techniques and meditation bring on undisturbed sleep.

-Bad habits such as smoking, drinking and substance abuse can provide momentary pleasures, but also speed up the aging process.

-An active person lives longer. So sedentary lifestyles aid in aging. Household chores, gardening, social work—all these can make you feel young and active.

-Good genes can delay aging, but even if they are not present, you can opt for a healthy lifestyle.

-Worry achieves nothing, except lines on the forehead. So pessimism and negativity should be replaced by optimism and positivity. This will lead to longevity.

-A sense of humor can go a long way in relieving stress. It is good to laugh at yourself, if not at others. Laughter can burn up calories and make you feel younger. Adversity is to be faced boldly and driven away.

-As a social animal, you need companionship. It is good to develop friendships with neighbors, co-workers, etc. Sharing thoughts and feelings can relieve burdensome thoughts.

-It is important to have healthy relationships and not bear grudges. Rehashing the past can only bring unhappiness. Try to do something for others and learn to forgive. If enemies turn into friends, your aging process has been delayed.

-Emotional balance is very important. Do not go to extremes of joy or sadness, but be somewhere in the middle.

Hope these suggestions prove useful. May you live long!

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