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Should Kids Train in Mixed Martial Arts?

Senator John McCain called it "human cockfighting." Others have referred to it as a ferocious, no holds barred, bare-knuckled street fight. Are these accurate assessments of mixed martial arts (MMA)? And given that many people share these impressions, should children…

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How to Save on it Costs During a Recession

Individuals become more frugal as the economy dips into a recessionary period. Businesses who learn how to reduce their operating expenses are far more likely to survive a recession than those who continue to operate “business as usual”. For many…

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Buy Auto Insurance Online

The automotive industry might be running through a slump but it has not deterred auto insurance companies from floating the very best offers. The idea is simple. During times of recession, it has become even more imperative for them to…

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Talking To The Universe

"I am" writing an article that will be helpful to a lot of people. Sounds kind of presumptuous huh? It's only meant to emphasize a system. To start I'd like for us to look at the word "Metaphysical". Is it…

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Old McDonald Sold the Farm: IOUSA

If you haven't watched the movie I.O.U.S.A. you won't know what I'm talking about. I have the screener on site so you can at least get the idea. The movie decries the disastrous state of the U.S. economy. In all…

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Getting Dog Bite Compensation

Incidents involving animals are unfortunately quite common, ranging from simple dog bites, to a kick from a horse or deer running in front of a car. Particularly here, the law recognizes that the innocent party should be compensated. Whilst it…

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